Products for wood treatment

Wood is a demanding material that needs to be protected, treated, maintained and cleaned. However, thanks to its authentic and natural character, more and more people are opting for wooden floors, terraces, furniture, worktops or cladding. In this category you will find all the products to protect and maintain your wood effectively.


Varnishes are products to protect small interior wooden supports such as worktops or furniture. They can also add colour thanks to the colour varnish.


Les vernis sont des produits pour protéger les petits supports intérieurs en bois comme les plans de travail ou meubles. Ils peuvent également apporter de la couleur grâce au vernis colorant.

Wood stain

The stains protect all vertical interior wooden surfaces such as panelling or beams and frames. They are therefore very useful and allow these surfaces to resist longer without being damaged.


Saturators are the products for the protection, treatment and maintenance of all exterior woods. They enable terraces, cladding or garden furniture to effectively combat the weather and UV rays.


Decorating, colouring and tinting wooden furniture gives life and originality to interior and exterior woods. These products are essential to give an unequalled cachet to your interior or exterior.


Primers are products that are not mandatory but are strongly recommended when you wish to protect wood. In fact, they accentuate the protective effects of the finishing products, block the substrate and allow varnishes, saturators and other products to adhere better to the wooden surface.


Wax can be used to protect interior woods (furniture, parquet flooring) while giving them a satin finish.

Wood paints

Wood paints can be used to protect exterior or interior woods and give them a decorative touch.


Once the surface has been protected with a protective product, it must be cleaned and cared for properly. For this purpose, there are many products that perform different tasks and meet different needs, ranging from cleaning, degreasing, to thinning the wood.

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