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  • Kit Décoration et Protection Meuble en Chêne
  • Kit Décoration et Protection Meuble en Chêne

Oak Furniture Decoration and Protection Kit

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The Wooden Furniture Protection and Decoration Kit allows you to protect your oak furniture while adding a decorative touch.

Relooking an oak piece of furniture is now very simple with this kit.

Choose the shade of your varnish.


Content of the kit

  • One PAT400 Anti-Tanin Primer, 1L

  • One VBC500 Coloured Wood Varnish, Furniture & Interior Wood, 1L

  • One fine- and medium-grain sanding sponge

  • A 70mm flat brush

  • Set of 5 microfibre cloths

Use of the kit

Ideal for customising wooden furniture such as oak. This kit allows you to give a new lease of life to your oak furniture. In addition to modernising your old furniture, this kit allows you to protect your wooden furniture. Indeed, the varnish is a film-forming product that waterproofs your wood. Your wooden furniture then becomes resistant to stagnant water and all kinds of stains.

The application of the anti-tannin primer is important to block the tannins and have a perfect finish. Without this primer, black stains could appear on your wooden furniture.


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