Waxes for wood: caring for your wooden floors and furniture

Real maintenance products for floors and furniture, wood waxes nourish and protect your interior woods. Waxing a wooden floor or piece of furniture gives a satin or even slightly shiny appearance to the wood. Our natural wood waxes will allow you to waterproof the surface while being harmless to the environment and the applicator. Containing more than 90% of materials of natural origin, ANOVA BOIS waxes, raw or formulated, do not give off any odour and do not contain volatile solvents. The waxes can be applied to all types of wood: waxed wood, raw wood or old wood. You will find our range here.


Our range of wood waxes consists of a colourless wax for floors and furniture (Parquet & Furniture Wax CPM800) and a raw wood wax (Liquid Carnauba Wax CAL800):

• Parquet & Furniture Wax CPM800 is a ready-to-use wax that can be used to protect and shine a wooden floor or furniture.
• CAL800 Liquid Carnauba Wax is a raw wax, it can be used as a ready-to-use product or it can be used to make its own wax or maintenance product.

Pourquoi utiliser une cire pour bois ?

Whatever their species, interior woods must be protected. Indeed, they are regularly subjected to domestic aggression. Wooden floors are exposed to frequent passes, blows or stains. Wooden furniture (tables, sideboards) are rubbed, scratched and splashed with water, food or grease.

Waxes nourish and protect wooden floors and furniture by making the surface waterproof. They are not film-forming and penetrate into the wood without forming a film. This property is very interesting. Indeed, if you wish to strip the wood, for example to renovate a waxed wooden piece of furniture by applying another finish (such as varnish), you can do this simply by de-oiling or stripping the furniture (no need to strip or sand).

If you wish to obtain a colourless, silky and satin finish on your wooden floors and furniture, wax is the product par excellence. Wax reinforces the natural and authentic appearance of the wood. We offer colourless wood waxes with a satin to slightly glossy appearances.


Waxes for wooden floors and furniture are easy to apply in layers with a brush or cloth. As a preparation before applying a wax, you can apply a hard pore-filling primer such as Pore Filler Primer BP400. This primer is particularly interesting for very porous woods, it will allow you to save wax and above all will reinforce the waterproofing of the wood. If you need an ultra-resistant reinforced protection against water and stains, you will find other alternatives on our site such as varnishes for wooden furniture and sealers for wooden floors. We recommend wood waxes to protect and care for wooden furniture and wooden floors while maintaining a soft and silky touch and giving a beautiful satin and waxed appearance.

Waxed wood needs to be maintained on a regular basis, otherwise the wood will no longer be sufficiently waterproof and stains may appear on your wood. The passage of a new coat of wax is sufficient.

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