Wood Cleaners: Choosing your cleaner

In this category you will find cleaning and maintenance products for floors, terraces, furniture, stairs, worktops and all other wooden surfaces. But also products to stain and peel interior woods or to degrease exterior woods. The daily or occasional cleaning of wood contributes to its good conservation and to the maintenance of its protection. The use of suitable cleaners will facilitate maintenance operations and allow for more frequent cleaning.

Which cleaning product should I use for the wood?

Each of the products in our Cleaner range meets specific needs. For terraces, cladding and other exterior woods that are greyed or tarnished, we recommend applying Degreaser DG105 . This product has been specially developed to restore the original colour to the wood and remove this tarnished appearance.

The Wood Brightener EB100 is a product exclusively for interior woods such as wooden floors or furniture. It lightens and whitens dark, blackened and dirty woods and can remove tannin, rust, coffee and other stains.

Black Soap SN800 can only be used on all wooden surfaces, indoors and outdoors. Recommended for the cleaning and routine maintenance of wooden surfaces, it can also be used to clean any other surface such as kitchen tiles or stone paving outdoors. On wood, this cleaner embellishes and reinforces the natural appearance and preserves protection.

Wood Cleaner N100 and Concentrated Wood Cleaner N140 are products that can be used both indoors and outdoors. These products effectively clean and dissolve dirt, stains, grease and oiled finishes on wood. They are also widely used for the renovation of terraces, slabs and other blackened or darkened outdoor floors. The concentrated version, N140, is a more powerful cleaner than N100, which must be diluted with water. These products are not recommended for use on tannic wood.


Wood cleaners are used in 2 different situations:

• Before protection or application of a wood finishing product. Cleaning products are used to clean, degrease or strip the wood to prepare it for finishing. This step is strongly recommended when you wish to protect or renovate a wooden surface.

• To maintain and clean your wood. Once the wood has been protected, it must be maintained using suitable products such as cleaners, black soaps or thinners. Wood maintenance is essential to prolong its durability. As wood is a living material, it gets dirty, tarnishes or blackens, the application of these products is therefore important.


Each product is used and applied differently, Wood Cleaner N100 and Wood Brightener EB100 are very different, so it is recommended that you read the descriptions, directions for use and technical data sheets of each product to understand how it works and how to apply it correctly.

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