Wood paint: choosing your paint

The wood paints in the Anova Bois range are used to protect interior and exterior woods (cladding, shutters, woodwork, furniture, etc.). Paints for exterior woods protect the support from UV and weathering. Indoors, Anova Bois paints enable the wood to resist stains, stagnant water or rubbing. The paints are products that protect the wood while at the same time opacifying it to bring a decorative touch (white or coloured tint) if you wish. Anova Bois offers acrylic paints for wood. Formulated in an aqueous phase, they are environmentally friendly and easy to apply.


The paints in the Anova Bois range can be applied on all types of wood: hardwoods, exotic woods, tannic woods... Our paints are available in white or tinted versions.


The stained versions are available in a wide range of shades, so-called ral wood paints. They will allow you to protect and decorate your wood by choosing the shade that suits you. Anthracite grey wood paints are still very popular, as are bright colours.


Our white wood paints have a high covering power in order to hide the slight defects that may appear on the wood. They are real lacquered wood paints and offer a smooth, relief-free satin finish (stretched satin finish). They are ideal as decoration for painting indoor furniture, outdoor garden furniture, etc. These white satin paints will give a bright white finish for all types of wood, both indoor and outdoor (exotic woods, softwoods, hardwoods, new woods, etc.).


• Microporous,
• Anova Bois paints allow gas exchanges between the wood and its external environment. The wood can then evacuate the natural humidity it possesses, which prevents dimensional variations in the wood and the risk of blistering and flaking.
• They are suitable for all types of wood (horizontal or vertical, new or old).
• In aqueous phase, Anova Bois wood paints are neutral for the environment and the applicator. When drying, they are odourless.
• With a satin finish, they make it possible to hide the slight defects appearing on your wood.
• Available in white or tinted versions in more than 200 shades (ral colour chart), they are real paints for decoration.


1. On all supports (cladding, shutters, furniture), you need to prepare the wood. The wood must be clean, dry, dust-free and free of traces of old finish. If your surface has previous finishes (such as old paint for example), you must sand or strip the wood.

2. Our paints can be applied in layers with a brush, paintbrush or roller. In some cases, such as for tannic woods or or for example exotic woods, an undercoat may be necessary (for more information, consult the instructions for use of the desired product).

3. Leave to dry for about 4 hours.

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