Wood protection & decoration treatment for interiors

Wood indoors sublimates a living room, kitchen or bathroom. Regularly subjected to water, spots, marks and scratches, wood must be protected to preserve the beauty and nobility of this material.

Anova bois offers in this category a range of easy-to-use products with high-performance protective properties and easy to maintain. Our varnishes, glazes, stains and tints, designed and manufactured in our workshops, will enable you to easily treat, renovate, decorate and protect your wood indoors. High quality, they meet all the requirements of indoor wood use. Formulated in aqueous phase, products are safe for the applicator, the environment and your interior..

Our products for INTERIOR WOOD


Authentic and warm character, a living support, daily use, wooden floors and floorboards require special care and regular treatment. Wooden floors must absolutely be protected from wear, scratches and moisture.

Anova Bois offers many finishes for the protection, maintenance and renovation of your wooden floors, even old ones. Our wood preparation, finishing and maintenance products are easy to use and safe for the environment and the interior living environment. In this section you will find essential products such as sealers, hardeners, parquet waxes and oils, as well as technical information on which parquet finish to choose and how to apply wood floor protection.


Touchés, nettoyés, déplacés, mouillés… les meubles sont des surfaces très sollicités dans la vie courante, que ce soit les tables, les armoires ou encore les chaises, ces supports s’usent petit à petit. L'entretien et la protection est essentiel pour leur bonne pérennité. Qu'ils soient anciens ou neufs, Anova Bois à développé des finitions simples et performantes pour rénover, décaper ou protéger vos meubles en bois.

Mais il ne s’agit pas seulement de les protéger. Envie de renouveau et de couleurs ? Nos nombreuses teintes et finitions colorées égayeront votre intérieur avec originalité.

Retrouvez notre gamme de produits dédiés aux meubles d'intérieur allant du vernis coloré, aux produits décapants, en passant par les lasures et les cires. Toujours dans un souci du bien-être et du confort des personnes et de l'habitat, Anova Bois formule ses produits exclusivement à l'eau. Ils sont respectueux de l'environnement, de votre santé et de vos meubles.


A furniture element that has become central because of its function and is prized for its modern and contemporary look, the wooden worktop withstands daily splashes of water and food marks, scratches and rubbing when it is in a kitchen, bathroom, office or workshop. There is only one need: to apply a protection that is effective enough to maintain a beautiful appearance without having to maintain or renovate the surface every 6 months.

With this in mind, Anova Bois has developed a range of products that combine ease of use and protection performance. Our hard primers, pore fillers, varnishes, sealers and other renovation or maintenance products offer effective protection against water, wear and marks, allowing easy maintenance of wooden worktops. All it takes is a simple wipe with a sponge!

Designed with indoor use in mind, these products are water-based. They do not present any risk for food contact and are safe for your health and the environment.


Staircases, just like parquet floors, are under enormous strain in everyday life. With the right protection and maintenance, they can be made more resistant to frequent use and various types of damage. In order to keep the wood beautiful and clean, we have set up a range of products specially designed for wooden stairs.


Do your panelling and other decorative wood coverings need renovation, maintenance or treatment? Our range of innovative products, developed exclusively for this type of surface, will give your panelling a new lease of life and provide lasting protection.

Our top-of-the-range varnishes and stains for wooden panelling offer a high level of comfort for indoor use and do not require any special maintenance.

Beam & Carpentry

Timber frames, frameworks and beams are the structural pillars of a house. Special attention must be paid to their treatment, protection, renovation and maintenance. These elements can even become original decorative objects thanks to our tinted protections.

Discover our range of products dedicated to beams and frames such as insecticide treatments, varnishes, cleaners, wood stains and decorative colours.

Interior wood advice

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