Wood stains: choosing your wood stain

Find our range of coloured or colourless woodstains, in matt or gloss finishes to protect your panelling, beams, joinery or even woodwork. Panelling, beams and wooden frames need to be protected and treated. They are subject to wear and tear due to time and humidity. To protect them durably and without maintenance, stains are the products to be preferred. They allow you to obtain perfectly colourless and matt finishes, or tinted in distintive decorative colours. The natural charm of the wood will thus be enhanced or modified according to your creative decoration ideas.

Our wood stains


A finishing, protective and decorative product, woodstain is a product that protects wood from climatic and domestic wear and tear such as water penetration or UV rays from the sun. It protects and allows the wood to breathe. Easily washable indoors, it allows easy maintenance against spots and marks.

Wood stain is used indoors on vertical surfaces such as panelling and beams and helps to preserve the colour and natural appearance of these woods. However, it can also be used to decorate the wood thanks to the many colours available and its matt or glossy finish, all of which preserves the grain of the wood without masking it.


Whether panelling or wooden beams and frames, these surfaces are subject to daily wear and tear. They are subject to humidity, sunlight, insects and fungi. This results in the wood being denatured, brittle and losing its colour. Stains make it possible to pre-empt this problem by applying a protective film beforehand, thus improving the resistance of the wood.

The main benefits of our stains are the following:

• Colourless matt or glossy finish
• Numerous colours available for the Interior Wainscot Wood Stain
• Resistance to humidity and water
• Protects against daily wear and tear
• Enhances the natural appearance of the wood
• Air quality A+
• Quick drying in 2 hours

Wood stain is therefore the ideal product for the protection of panelling, beams and wooden structures.


Wood stains are also available for exterior woods. They offer very good protection for wooden house cladding, pergolas, wooden shutters and gates. Outdoor woodstain is best used on vertical wooden surfaces. For wooden terraces, tables and garden furniture it is recommended to apply a saturator instead.


Woo stain is very easy to apply. After cleaning the wood, simply apply two coats in the direction of the grain using a brush or roller. After a drying time of a few hours, the wood will be protected and will resist daily wear and tear.

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