Wood varnish: choosing your varnish

Furniture, kitchen worktops, tables, panelling, beams and other wooden joinery bring elegance and authenticity to the interior of a house. To protect them well, it is essential to have an effective product. Our water-based varnishes will allow you to preserve them permanently and without maintenance. They provide excellent protection against water, stains and scratches while preserving the natural appearance of the wood. Available in colourless, matt or glossy versions, you will find here our range of varnishes for your wooden furniture.


Products that are intended for the protection of interior furniture (furniture, tables, chairs, worktops, etc.) are generally called "varnishes". Water-based varnishes are made from resins and water and are intended to protect wood from everyday domestic usage. The term "vitrifier" can also be encountered, but this term is generally associated with wood flooring protection.

Formulated with water and without volatile solvents, our water-based varnishes provide superior protective performance while being safe for the user and the interior environment. Compatible with food contact, they can be applied to all wooden surfaces in the home.

The varnishes form a durable protective film on the surface of the wood, making it resistant to household products, daily cleaning, grease, wine or coffee stains, water and scratches. They make daily maintenance of dining tables and worktops easy, as stains no longer soak into the wood and are easy to remove even when dry.

As well as having a protective role, it has an aesthetic role as it helps to preserve the natural appearance of the wood.


The use of wood indoors can quickly become problematic and restrictive if it has to be maintained too frequently. Wood is a living and sensitive material that can be damaged by the slightest impact, easily stained or tarnished over time, and requires effective and lasting protection. The advantage of our varnishes is that they provide durable protection to the wood while preserving its natural aspect and without having to engage frequent maintenance.

In summary, the main advantages of our varnishes are as follows: :

- Colourless, they retain the natural appearance of the wood.

- Matt or glossy finish

- Maintenance-free

- Anti-stain protection

- Resistant to humidity and water

- Protects from daily wear and tear and daily knocks and bumps

- Long-term protection

- Ultra-fast drying, in 2 hours

The varnish is the ideal product for the protection of wooden furniture and worktops.


Unlike other varnishes, Colour Wood Varnish VBC500 can also be applied to indoor floors and walls. This product has a double function, it provides durable protection to the wood and colours it. Wooden floors, beams, panelling, furniture and wooden worktops can be protected and coloured by applying Colour Wood Varnish VBC500.


Depending on the surface to be protected, the type of wood and the varnish used, the instructions for use may differ slightly. However, as a general rule, all you need to do is prepare the surface by simple cleaning and then, using a brush or roller, apply the varnish in one or more coats, leaving a drying time between each coat. Finally, the surface should be allowed to dry for a few hours before reusing it.

To help you and give you more details, our technical data sheets are available on each product page.

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