Primer : choosing your wood primer

Our wood preparation products are applied before the finishing product in order to improve its protective and aesthetic properties or to ensure optimal compatibility between the finishing product and the wood substrate. Our various primers, pore fillers and hard bases will allow the best possible preparation for the application of a protection, treatment, stain or paint. Thus, your terraces, cladding, shutters, wooden garden furniture for the outdoors or your wooden floors, stairs, tables, worktops, furniture and panelling for the indoors will benefit from the best possible finish and preparation.


What is a wood primer ?

Hard wood primers (primers or undercoats) are products that prepare the substrate before applying a tint, paint or protective product such as a varnish or saturator. Also known as adhesion primers, these products have a very high level of resistance and harden the surface of the wood. The surface will then become more homogeneous before the application of a protective product.

Some hard backgrounds also enhance the protective character of the protective product. For example, Anti-UV Primer acts against the harmful effects of UV rays on wooden decks. In fact, this product combats the greying and premature discolouration of the natural colour of the wood. It is therefore strongly recommended to apply a hard primer before protecting your wood, but this is not mandatory.


To be able to withstand daily wear and tear, the substrates must be protected by a finishing product such as a varnish, sealer or saturator. Hard substrates are products that are applied before finishing products and have many advantages :

• Blocks the support
• Colourless, does not alter the appearance or colour of the wood
• Stabilizes superficial lignin
• Reinforces the protection product
• Limits tannin drips
• Monolayer
• Prevents yellowing or tarnishing of the wood

The primer is therefore the ideal product to prepare your wood before finishing.

Pore Filler primer, ITS PARTICULARITY

The purpose of the pore-filling hard base is not only to prepare the wood for its protection, but it also allows the wood fibres to be filled in order to make them less porous, and therefore less absorbent and less consuming in finishing products, thus reducing maintenance costs. Waterproofing and pore sealer should not be confused, as they are two different types of product that do not act in the same way.


In general, all hard bases are applied in the same way, however for more information on a particular hard base, please refer to the data sheet of the primer you are interested in. After preparing the wood, i.e. removing all traces of old finishes and cleaning it, apply the primer of your choice using a brush (spalter) in the direction of the wood fibres. Allow to dry for a few hours and cover with a finishing product such as a sealer, varnish, stain or saturator to protect your wood.

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