Treatment & Protection of Exterior Woods

Whether for the treatment, protection, maintenance, renovation or decorative colouring of your exterior woods, Anova Bois' Bois exteriors products will meet your requirements. Tested and proven in extreme conditions, they have withstood all types of climatic and domestic aggressions, enabling them to claim a high quality of protection. Innovative products, imagined and designed in our laboratories by our team of researchers, our saturators, stains, primers and other wood preparation products, allow you to treat, repair and protect your exterior wood effectively.

Their excellent protective properties against weathering and UV rays from the sun will enable you to maintain the aesthetic appearance and physical structure of your woods over the long term. Anova Bois Exterior Wood products are formulated in an aqueous phase. Ecologically responsible, they are safe for the applicator and the environment.

Our products for outdoor wood


Wooden decking requires regular care and treatment in order to maintain its beautiful appearance and the durability of the work. It is still necessary to find the right product for the type of wood in order to obtain optimal protection and a satisfactory finish.

The products you will find in this category are for classic and exotic wood species. They have been designed to meet three criteria: protection performance, ease of application and maintenance, and safe for the environment.

Find our terrace saturators, degreaser, cleaner and anti-UV primer..

Garden salon

Subject to weathering, rubbing, scratches spots and marks, wooden garden furniture or garden furniture needs to be protected and cared for in order to maintain a beautiful appearance throughout the seasons.

Whether they are old or new, Anova Bois has developed simple, high-performance finishes to renovate, strip or protect your wooden furniture and garden furniture. Always with a concern for well-being and comfort of application, Anova Bois formulates all its products with water. In this way, they are safe for the environment, for your health and your outdoor woods.


Wooden facades and cladding are becoming increasingly popular in France, not only for their aesthetic and insulating qualities, but also because wood is one of the only 100% natural materials available to meet these functions. To maintain their appearance and resistance over time, wooden cladding must be protected and maintained to fight against external climatic aggressions that can deteriorate its qualities.

Our saturators, degreasers, cleaners, primers and other renovation or maintenance products provide effective protection against water, weather, spots and marks allowing easy maintenance of wood siding.

These products are water-based and safe for the user and the environment.

Exotic wood

Naturally durable and resistant to attack by insects and fungi, exotic woods such as Ipe, Teak, Guarapa, Massaranduba or Iroko, to name but a few, will nevertheless tend to dry out and turn grey under the action of rain and the sun's UV rays. When used on poolside terraces, exotic wood planks can also be subject to the stagnation of chlorinated water or barbecue grease marks.

These inconveniences can be avoided with protective products adapted to these woods, which are generally not very impregnable. Thus, Anova Bois has developed products such as the Exotic Wood Saturator SBE600 or the Special Bamboo Resin RSB600.

Regular maintenance by a saturator will preserve the noble and natural appearance of exotic wood and avoid heavy and tedious renovations. For example, an Ipe terrace will be sublimated and effectively protected by the Exotic Wood Saturator SBE600 - Ipe colour.

Autoclave wood

Widely used for the construction of terraces and cladding, as well as for outdoor furniture such as forest tables, pergolas, or garden furniture, autoclave woods are woods that have undergone in-depth treatment that protects them from biological aggression such as insect attacks and the development of fungi and moulds. However, they are not protected from the penetration of water, which causes dimensional variations that lead to cracks and splitting, nor from the sun's UV radiation, which dulls the colour and causes greying

To meet these constraints, there are protective products adapted to this material. Anova Bois has designed the Autoclave Wood Saturator SBA600 to protect outdoor autoclave wood fittings in the long term..


Whether your chalet is located in the mountains or by the sea, the facades (cladding), shutters, terraces, handrails and other exterior wooden surfaces of which it is composed, will be subjected to bad weather, sometimes extreme, such as rain, wind, sun, hail or frost) and repeatedly over time.

It is for these reasons that Anova Bois has developed protective products that allow wood to resist these climatic and daily aggressions. All our products, from saturators to primers and cleaning products, have been designed in aqueous phase to respect the environment, the wood and the health of the applicator.

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