• Peinture Blanche Bois Extérieur BLE900 : Peinture satinée blanche
  • Peinture Blanche Bois Extérieur BLE900 : Peinture satinée blanche

Exterior Wood White Paint BLE900 : White satin paint

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Exterior Wood White Paint BLE900 is used to protect exterior woods while staining them white. It offers excellent resistance to UV and weathering. Satin finish, available in 1, 3 or 10L.

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Exterior Wood White Paint BLE900 protects exterior woods (cladding, joinery, fences, floors, shutters...) while staining them white. Its opaqueness action makes this product a great protecting white paint for exterior wood. This paint can be used on new wood or on old wood in renovation for example. It is particularly ideal for painting wooden shutters. This satin white paint offers a smooth, even finish (lustrous satin finish).

With a satin finish, this white wood paint will effectively protect all types of wooden surfaces against UV rays, bad weather or rubbing. Its uniform microporosity eliminates the risk of blistering or flaking.

Formulated in aqueous phase, this product is neutral for the environment and the applicator.

If you would like a coloured paint, please consult our Exterior Wood Paint PBE900.


BENEFITS OF Exterior Wood White Paint BLE900  Exterior Wood White Paint

  • For all types of outdoor wood

  • Microporous, it allows the wood to breathe.

  • Odourless white paint

  • Water-repellent, it waterproofs the wood.

  • Limits the risk of wood blistering or chipping

  • Anti-UV

  • High coverage

  • White acrylic paint for exterior wood (composition: acrylic resins and polyurethanes in aqueous phase)


INSTRUCTIONS FOR USING Exterior Wood White Paint BLE900  INSTRUCTIONS FOR USING Exterior Wood White Paint BLE900


  • Apply white exterior wood paint on clean, dry, undamaged, dust-free and well bonding wood.

  • Wash or sand old, well-adhered paints.

  • Strip off chalky, flaky or poorly adhering paint.

  • Avoid applying wood paint to wood with a moisture content of more than 17% or a pH value of more than 11.


APPLICATION OF THEExterior Wood White Paint BLE900

  • This wood paint can be applied with a brush, roller or spray gun. When spraying, add 2-3% water. If you use an airless spray gun, we generally recommend nozzles 417,517 and 617. To find out more, you can read our article on the choice of nozzles for airless spray guns.

  • On bare wood: first coat diluted 5 to 10%, second coat diluted 0 to 5%, third coat undiluted. Dilution solvent: water.

  • On primed wood (having received an undercoat): first coat diluted from 0 to 5%, second coat undiluted.

  • Maintenance: one undiluted coat.



  • Allow to dry. Touch dry in 1 hour. Dry in 4 hours (with T° = 20°C (68F) and RH = 70%). The paint can be recoated after 4 to 12 hours.



Exterior Wood White Paint BLE900 does not require the application of an undercoat. However, the application of an undercoat is recommended for new woods known as fatty, acid, resinous or tannic.

  • For tannic and exotic woods (fatty, acidic), it is recommended to use as an undercoat the Anti-Tanins Primer PAT400

  • For other woods (new, porous), it is possible to apply an undercoat by diluting Exterior Wood White Paint BLE900 with 20% water.


Application support
All supports
Types of wood
All types of wood
Available Colours
Satin finish
Number of coats
1 to 3 coats
12 to 14 m² per litre and per coat
Drying time
1 to 4 hours
Necessary Tools
Brush, roller, pistol
Cleaning of tools
Viscous fluid
Product Composition
Acrylic and polyurethane resins in aqueous phase
Useful for...
Paint and protect the wood. Protect from water and UV rays from the sun .
One year, in original hermetically sealed packaging, stored in a cool place.
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