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Injection treatment of woodworm is an effective method of eliminating wood-eating insects.

Use the Wood Injection Syringe previously filled with Wood Bliss HM16 colourless natural insecticide, Wood Bliss High C or Wood Bliss COV-free insecticide. Then, inject the insecticide directly into the flight holes and, if this is not enough, create additional holes with a drill spaced 5 cm apart in a zigzag pattern. It is advisable to repeat this operation several times in different places to reach the areas where the insects are active. Areas of sawdust can be a good indicator.

Injecting the products with a syringe allows you to reach directly the galleries dug by the beetles inside the wood, unlike applying them with a brush, which penetrates only a few millimetres of the wood surface.

  • Ideal for injecting into wood to reach the flight holes of wood-eating insects.
  • The syringe consists of three parts (gasket, plunger, plunger seal).
  • It is manufactured to a high quality and individually bagged.
  • The syringe comes with a disposable needle, also secured in an individual sachet.
  • It remains leakproof even under high pressure.
  • The transparent barrel makes it easier to check the injection.


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Treating wood against xylophagous insects
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