Wooden furniture, especially outdoor furniture, has to cope with a number of climatic factors. These are the factors that cause wear and tear over time. That's why it's important to look after your wooden fittings (decking, cladding, garden furniture, pergolas, etc.) to keep them in good condition. There are several products on the market for this purpose, including wood saturators. There are colourless products and pigmented or coloured products. Find out more about coloured wood preservatives from Anova Bois.

Coloris saturateur

The different saturator colours available

Wood saturator is a product that enables you to maintain and protect your various wooden fittings by saturating them. The product penetrates the wood until it can no longer absorb water. This keeps the wood in good condition over the long term. Wood saturator can be colourless or pigmented. However, it is more advantageous if it is coloured.

The pigmented saturators offered by Anova Bois offer greater protection against UV rays than those that do not contain pigments. This is a good choice if you want your terrace, garden furniture or pergola to keep its colour and be in good condition. You can also choose from the many colours available on the market.

Coloured wood saturators in wood tones

There are many coloured wood saturators on the market whose hues can imitate those of different species to perfection. There's a wide choice to choose from, whether your furniture is made from oak, softwood, pine or an exotic wood like teak or ipe. You can choose between colours ranging from the intense red of exotic woods to the different shades of brown that characterise softwoods such as Douglas fir. Other wood colours include natural wood, light oak, natural bamboo, ipe and dark oak.

Other wood saturator colours

As well as wood tones, you can find wood saturator in other colours. It's also available on the market in shades such as black, grey, autoclave brown, etc. These different colours give you the opportunity to give your cladding, pool deck or garden furniture the look you want. Whatever colour you choose for your wood saturator, it's suitable for all types of wood (autoclave, exotic, softwood, grey, etc.). Once applied, this product gives a matt finish that doesn't irritate the eyes like gloss paint.

The right colour for your decor and fittings

The main purpose of wood colour saturator is to protect your wooden fittings against the elements and other stresses. It also serves as a coating. So it can easily be incorporated into your home's décor. The choice of colour is very important. You need to take into account not only your home's decor, but also the wood furnishings you want to saturate.

Whether it's a terrace, cladding or garden furniture, the colour of the saturator should be chosen according to its intended use. Black, for example, gives a contemporary look and a burnt wood finish. If you choose a wood finish with pigments in this colour, you can combine it with another in natural wood tones to create a contrast. The same applies if you opt for grey.

All you have to do then is choose the colour or colours that best blend in with your home's decor, taking your tastes into account. Our online shop stocks coloured wood saturators in a range of colours, at very competitive prices per litre. These wood care and protection products available from Anova Bois respect the environment and have a relatively short drying time, making them easy to apply.

Conseils pour enlever un saturateur

Maintaining wood to preserve its colour

The best way to protect your wooden fittings from greying and the other effects of the weather is to apply a saturator. This is the most effective protective product. This treatment reduces the wood's capacity to absorb water as much as possible. This allows the wood to retain its colour for longer. As well as adding durability to your wood furnishings, wood colour saturator also acts as an aesthetic coating.

The saturator makes the wood look more beautiful, which adds to the decoration of your home. Choose from a range of coloured wood finishes available in stock from our online shop to maintain your wood furnishings.

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