Wooden terraces are subject throughout their life to climatic aggressions such as rain, snow, cold, UV radiation from the sun, and also to wear and tear from everyday life such as stains and abrasion from frequent traffic. For poolside terraces, the stagnation of chlorinated water will be added to the list of stresses.

Whether your terrace is made of resinous wood (untreated or autoclaved wood) or exotic wood, it will end up getting dirty, grey and tarnished. Anova Bois offers you an easy-to-follow guide for the maintenance and protection of your wooden deck.

We will see how to effectively maintain a wooden deck in just a few steps.

To protect a wooden terrace, we recommend using a terrace product such as saturator. After dusting and exposing the wood, apply the saturator to the wood in 2 to 3 coats with a 2-hour break between coats. Once the last coat has been applied, wait 24 to 48 hours before re-circulating.


N.BThis document only provides information on the use of a saturator for the protection and maintenance of an outdoor wooden deck, as we are convinced that this is the most suitable type of product, for very simple reasons :

  • ease of application
  • the aesthetic quality of the finish
  • nourishing and protective qualities for wood
  • the ease of maintenance of the terrace


Materials RequiredMaterials Required



To carry out the maintenance and protection of a wooden deck, you will need :

  • Bridge washing brush
  • Spalter (short bristle brush) or Roller
  • Sanding paper or sander
  • Sprayer, for the maintenance of large terraces
  • A degreaser for wood
  • A wood cleaner
  • A primer suitable for the protection and maintenance of wooden terraces.
  • A protection and maintenance product for the finish. For the maintenance of wooden terraces, we recommend Terrace Wood Saturator ST600.

Before starting the maintenance of your terrace, please follow the use and safety instructions given in the instructions for each product.

 Equipment for maintaining a terrace




 Preparing your terrace for maintenance


Before applying a primer or maintenance coat, we recommend preparing the terrace for more effective maintenance.

  • The wood must be clean, dry and dust-free.
  • If the wood on your terrace is dirty, soiled or blackened, use an exterior wood cleaner (Wood Cleaner N100 ) :
    • Apply the cleaning product with a sprayer (ideal for large terraces). Leave to act for 20-30 minutes. Brush in the direction of the wood fibres. Rinse the terrace with a high-pressure cleaner at a reasonable distance from the wood surface.
  • If the wood on your terrace is grey or dull: :
    • Use a degreaser (Degreaser DG105) to eliminate this aged appearance. Apply the degreaser generously (with a sprayer for large terraces). Leave the degreaser to work for 20 to 30 minutes. If necessary, brush in the direction of the wood fibres. Rinse the terrace with plenty of water, always brushing in the direction of the wood fibres. If necessary, sand some areas of the terrace to remove dead wood fibres.
  • If the wood on your deck has developed mould, recognisable by the appearance of black spots, then clean the wooden deck, then spray a sanitising primer to eliminate all traces of bacterial germs and thus restore the material to a healthy state before applying the maintenance products.
  • If your deck is built with raw resinous wood or wood that has received autoclave protection, remember to brush off any salt build-up or resurgence of resin before proceeding with initial protection or maintenance.



For long-lasting protection of your terrace and maintenance over a longer period of time, the application of a "primer" improves the protective performance of the finish. Use a primer suitable for wooden decks, such as Anti-UV Wood Primer PUV400.

The application on your terrace will be done as follows:

  • Apply the primer with a spalter or roller in the direction of the wood fibres. As with other wood preparation products, it is sprayable. Very suitable for large terraces.
  • Leave the wood to dry for at least 2 hours.

The wooden deck is now ready to receive a maintenance coat.




Let's find out how to apply a wood deck saturator. Specifically the Terrace Wood Saturator ST600.






  • Ready to use, the canister must be shaken well for a good dispersion of the pigments.
  • Terrace saturator is applied in the direction of the wood fibres, preferably using a spalter or roller, in 1 to 2 even, thin coats.
  • For very absorbent wood species, or raw wood that has just been laid, you can apply 2 to 3 coats of terrace saturator.
  • Be careful not to "overload" the maintenance layer. This would force you to wipe off the excess product that has not penetrated. Avoid leaving a film of product on the surface of the wood.
  • Allow to dry. Wait at least 24 hours before putting back into circulation.
  • The maintenance of your terrace is finished.
  • Take a few precautions during the first few days. For example, don't install a carpet or tarpaulin on the terrace the day after your maintenance work.

 Application for wooden decks


Professional advice


Before starting maintenance work on your patio, make sure you check the weather forecast! A saturator must be applied to perfectly dry wood to ensure that it is well nourished and impregnated. After the various maintenance steps, a period of at least 24-48 hours without rain must be observed for the wooden deck to dry properly.

Ideally, the maintenance of the terrace should be carried out in dry weather at a temperature between 12 (53,6F) and 35°C (95F). In summer or in hot weather, it is best to apply the maintenance coat early in the morning and/or away from direct sunlight.




Once protected by the saturator, your deck should receive regular maintenance to prolong the protection. In this way, it will retain its protective functions and aesthetic qualities over the long term.

We recommend that you maintain your terrace according to the following criteria:

  • Maintain the terrace as soon as the shade of the wood becomes lighter and duller as a result of the weather and the sun's UV radiation.

  • Simply apply a new coat of maintenance to the previously cleaned terrace to renew the protection.




For the maintenance and protection of a terrace, we recommend the use of a water-based saturator such as the Terrace Wood Saturator ST600. Water-based saturators generally emit very few volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and do not require the use of a mask or gloves. In contrast to "old generation" saturators in solvent phase (very volatile petroleum solvents) which emit a lot of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and can be inconvenient during application.

We also advise you to read the label of the canister carefully and to choose a product that does not present any danger to the environment.

On the Anova Bois site, all the products for the maintenance and protection of your terrace are environmentally friendly and easy to apply. You can find our range of products for the maintenance and protection of your terrace but also other useful advice and information. If you have any questions about the maintenance of your terrace, you can contact us here.





Terrace Wood Saturator ST600

Terrace Wood Saturator ST600


Anti-UV Wood Primer PUV400

Anti-UV Wood Primer PUV400


Wood Cleaner N100

Wood Cleaner N100


Dégriseur DG105

Degreaser DG105

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