Like all woods, teak is a species that must be carefully maintained and protected. This is especially true when teak is in a bathroom. Indeed, in a damp room, the wood is constantly subjected to aggressions (stagnant water, humidity, water vapour...). In this article, we will talk about the interest of protecting teak in a bathroom.



Teak has a sober shade (brown, copper). It can easily be combined with other bathroom furniture. Teak is a rot-proof exotic wood. This means that it is naturally resistant to moisture, standing water and mould.

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Which product to protect teak furniture in a bathroom?

Although teak is naturally resistant to moisture and standing water, it is important to apply a protective product to teak bathroom furniture. Indeed, the protection will prevent your wood from degrading and will above all protect its colour over the long term.


If you want to protect a teak bathroom cabinet while maintaining a fairly rough look, waxing may be a good option. Within our range, we recommend Parquet & Furniture Wax CPM800 which will protect your wood from water and stains while not altering its natural appearance. The finish provided by this wood wax will have a satin finish while maintaining the natural appearance of the wood. It will also retain the natural feel of the wood. If you opt for a waxed finish, you will need to apply a new coat of wax every year to maintain the teak in a bathroom properly.

Wood waxes can be applied to wood without an old finish. They are applied in one coat in the direction of the wood fibres using a brush or cloth. A second coat may be necessary after an hour's drying time if the teak absorbs the wax very well.

teak bathroom furniture protection


protect teak bathroom



If you want high protection against water and humidity, you can opt for a varnish such as Worktop Varnish VPT500 from our range. Varnishes for wooden furniture will create a film on the surface of the wood in order to make it highly waterproof. These products will preserve the natural grain of the wood. However, the "feel" of the wood will not be retained as these products form a light smooth film on the surface.

Wood varnishes are very easy to apply. The teak to be protected must have no old finish. Otherwise, it will have to be sanded or stripped to return to the raw wood. Two steps are then necessary to protect a teak bathroom furniture with a varnish :

  • To give better protection to teak bathroom furniture, the first step is to apply a primer such as Anti-Tanins Primer PAT400 before applying a wood varnish. The purpose of the primer is to prepare the wood and to strengthen the adhesion of a subsequent finish such as wood varnish. This step is not mandatory but recommended.

  • The second step is to apply a varnish to the teak furniture. These products such as the Worktop Varnish VPT500are applied in coats (2 to 3 coats) with a brush or roller, allowing 2 hours to dry between each coat. After the first coat, a light ginning can be carried out to obtain a smooth surface by removing small roughnesses. For more information on how to use the product, you can directly consult the product data sheet here.


In short, waxes provide protection to the wood while maintaining the natural look and feel of the wood. Varnishes for wood in a bathroom will offer more protection but do not allow the touch of the wood to be retained. The choice between wood varnishes or waxes depends on the desired level of protection and the desired finish. The daily maintenance of teak bathroom furniture can be done with black soap such as Liquid Black Soap SN800.



Parquet & Furniture Wax CPM800

Parquet & Furniture Wax CPM800


Worktop Varnish VPT500

Worktop Varnish VPT500


Anti-Tanins Primer PAT400

Anti-Tanins Primer PAT400


Liquid Black Soap SN800

Liquid Black Soap SN800

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