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  • Vernis Plan de Travail pour Cuisine ou Salle de Bain
  • Vernis Plan de Travail pour Cuisine ou Salle de Bain
  • Vernis Plan de Travail pour Cuisine ou Salle de Bain
  • Vernis Plan de Travail pour Cuisine ou Salle de Bain
  • Vernis Plan de Travail pour Cuisine ou Salle de Bain
  • Vernis Plan de Travail pour Cuisine ou Salle de Bain
  • Vernis Plan de Travail pour Cuisine ou Salle de Bain
  • Vernis Plan de Travail pour Cuisine ou Salle de Bain
  • Vernis Plan de Travail pour Cuisine ou Salle de Bain
  • Vernis Plan de Travail pour Cuisine ou Salle de Bain
  • Vernis Plan de Travail pour Cuisine ou Salle de Bain

Worktop Varnish VPT500 - Wooden Kitchen & Bathroom

Reference VPT500001M
VAT included
Packaging: 1L
Finish: Matt
In Stock - Shipped within 48H

Worktop Varnish VPT500 is a clear water-based varnish with a matt or gloss finish for wooden worktops and tables. Specially adapted for the protection of kitchen and bathroom worktops, Worktop Varnish VPT500 waterproofs and protects against grease, stains, stagnant water, scratches, and is resistant to household products. Colourless matt or glossy finish. Available in 1, 2 or 5 L.

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Worktop Varnish VPT500 is ideal for providing protection to wooden worktops, tables or other wood located in a kitchen or bathroom, as it does not present any toxicity. Colourless and retaining the natural appearance of the wood, this varnish offers long-lasting protection against stains, water, scratches and household products. Its powerful protective action allows this varnish to protect wooden tables and worktops from humidity and stagnant water while creating an invisible finish. It is especially suitable for kitchens and bathrooms. It can be applied on all types of wood, such as oak, pine or larch, and also on wood derivatives such as medium MDF and OSB panels. This wood varnish for kitchens, bathrooms or other damp rooms is very suitable for reinforcing the stain-proofing of the sort of oak, beech or walnut worktops found you can find in large furniture stores. Or more simply on any rough wooden worktop. Its penetrating qualities and suppleness give the wood long-lasting resistance without flaking over time.


Advantages of the work surface varnish BENEFITS

  • Colourless, preserves the natural appearance of the wood

  • Choice of matt or glossy finish

  • Penetrates and waterproofs wooden worktops

  • Resistant to humidity and stagnant water

  • Anti stains

  • Non-yellowing

  • Flexible, does not flake off

  • Quick drying

  • Excellent resistance to household products

  • Washable: easy to clean

  • Suitable for kitchens and bathrooms
  • Protects against wear and tear, scratches and repeated domestic misuse

  • Especially suitable for worktops
  • Easy to apply

  • Odourless - Safe for the applicator and the environment


Instructions for varnishing wooden worktop Instructions for varnishing wooden worktops


  • Before protecting your wooden worktop, the wood must be clean, dry (humidity < 10%), dust-free and free of traces of old finishes.

  • If necessary, strip or sand down to the raw wood. Dust carefully.



  • Ready to use product, shake well before applying.

  • Apply the varnish in the direction of the wood grain using a brush, spalter or roller (short bristles) in 2 to 3 even, thourgh coats (3 coats for highly use worktops).



  • Leave to dry for a minimum of 2 hours between coats of varnish for wooden worktops, without exceeding 24 hours.

  • A light sanding with fine sand paper (120 grit) after the first coat of varnish removes small bumps in the wood.

  • Dust carefully before applying the next coat.

  • Complete hardening is achieved after a few days, take care during the first few days.



Complete hardening is reached after a few days, it is important to take a few precautions during the first few days:

  • Do not cover the work surface.

  • Do not place objects on the freshly varnished worktop.

  • Do not use impregnated textiles to remove dust.


tips height= TIPS

  • To assess the final result, first test the Worktop Varnish VPT500 on a drop or an inconspicuous area. . To get an idea, you can consult the photo gallery of Worktop Varnish VPT500

  • On tannic and exotic woods, prepare the worktop with the  Anti-Tanins Primer PAT400.

  • For other types of wood, prepare the work surface with the Pore Filler Primer BP400.




  • Routine maintenance can be done with a damp sponge and a soap such as the Savon Noir SN800.



  • After a light sanding of the surface, apply the varnish in one coat to even the most distressed wooden worktops.


Wooden tables and wooden worktops in kitchens and bathrooms are surfaces that are subject to frequent and varied stresses due to their daily use and therefore require durable protection and easy maintenance to make life easier. To protect them effectively and maintain their beautiful natural appearance, it is important to choose a product that is resistant to splashes from water, grease, coffee, wine and detergents, of all kind as well as abrasion and scratches (for kitchens). It is also important to choose a product that allows easy daily maintenance of the wooden worktop, whether in the kitchen or bathroom.

Worktop Varnish VPT500 is a product specially adapted to worktops subject to intense use in rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms. This product are multiple properties in particular, its non-toxicity for materials coming into contact with food, quick drying for easy application, an invisible finish to preserve the natural appearance of the wood as closely as possible, and a stain-proofing effectiveness that is resistant to all types of stains. 

As with the rest of our water-based product range, Anova Bois' Worktop Varnish VPT500 is a product formulated with an eco-responsible approach combining technical performance and respect for the environment. It has no residual odour is safe in all interior environments.


Application support
Types of wood
All kinds
Available Colours
Satin-matt, glossy
Number of coats
2 to 3 coats
10 to 15 m²/L per coat
Drying time
2 hours
Necessary Tools
Brush, Spalter (wide brush) or roller
Cleaning of tools
Product Composition
Polyurethane resin in aqueous phase
Useful for...
Protect from household usage, maintain a beautiful natural look and make maintenance easier
Comments 9
26/12/2023, 12:35
by Arnaud B.
Du temps et du soin

Un très bon produit… à condition de bien faire les choses. Après la première couche appliquée sur une surface pourtant impeccable (poncée et très propre) de bois brut, la surface est légèrement granuleuse, c'est un peu décevant. Pas de panique : léger ponçage avec du papier de verre très fin, puis très très fin. Deuxième couche, aspect presque impeccable. léger Ponçage avec du très très fin, Troisième couche : PARFAIT ! Prévoir du temps et du soin, mais vous ne serez pas déçu·e·s du résultat. Vos poumons et la nature vous diront merci : enfin de la chimie peu agressive, ce qui profite à tout le monde.

19/12/2022, 20:42
by Loic W.
Compatible sur travertin

Bonjour, peux-t-on l’utiliser pour un travertin dans une douche. Cordialement

21/12/2020, 11:54
by Pierre T.
Vernis finition VTP 500

Mêmes commentaires que pour bouche pores BP 400. Pleinement satisfait à tous niveaux, produits et conseils.

03/09/2020, 23:37
by Aline

Parfait, rendu impecable, facile d'utilisation. A voir dans le temps si il jauni

15/11/2019, 12:23

Réception hyper rapide, application facile, temps d'attente entre 2 couches hyper raisonnable, nettoyage parfait, rendu mat vraiment bien, on dirait que mon plan est brut (un tout petit peu moins qu'en vrai mais la couleur est vraiment naturel comme avant l'application du vernis) je suis hyper contente de ce produit et de ce site !!

26/05/2019, 14:32
by N.
Je recommande

Produit conforme au descriptif,facile à appliquer,livraison rapide

22/08/2018, 15:03
by Monica B.

Utilisation facile, résultat excellent !

21/06/2018, 18:28
by Caroline G.
A voir sur la durée

Le produit à l'air d'etre efficace. L'application était facile, dans la journée c'était fini. A voir dans la durée la fiabilité du produit.

08/06/2018, 11:50
by Erwan V.
Bon produit

Après avoir appliqué le produit, notre plan de travail en chêne de notre cuisine a bien résisté aux taches de graisses.


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