Garapa wood is an exotic wood species that is widely used in outdoor design, especially for the construction of wooden decks. Like all exotic wood species, it is considered to be of high quality. In this article, we will introduce you to the characteristics of this wood, and then we will see how to revive an aged garapa deck.



Garapa is a tree native to Central America. It is often found in Brazil. It is a class 5 wood. It is therefore very strong and resistant to moisture and insects.

Garapa is a very light coloured wood (yellow, light brown) with a very visible grain. It is a good alternative to classic exotic woods such as Ipe or Cumaru, which have a reddish brown colour. Its price remains lower than that of Ipe.



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Exotic garapa wood, like all wood exposed outdoors, will turn grey over time. Your aged garapa decking will take on a dull colour, which will create a sort of grey haze on the surface of the wood. If you don't mind the aesthetic aspect, you don't have to protect your garapa deck. You just need to clean it with water from time to time.

However, if you like the original beautiful colour of gapara wood decks, we recommend regular protection and maintenance. To maintain the colour of a deck, a saturator is the ideal product. It nourishes and impregnates the wood to protect it from the weather and UV rays, the main causes of the greying of garapa wood decks. The main advantage of the saturator is that it is not film-forming. It does not create a film on the surface of the wood, which makes it easier to maintain (no sanding). Protecting a garapa terrace with a saturator is a simple solution that is accessible to everyone.

Saturators are applied in layers in the direction of the wood grain. Within our range, we recommend the Exotic Wood Saturator SBE600 which is very suitable for garapa decks.



If your garapa wood decking has not aged (i.e. not greyed or blackened), the application of a saturator such as Exotic Wood Saturator SBE600 .A single layer should be sufficient. For very absorbent wood, it may be necessary to apply two coats. On new wood, we advise you to wait a few weeks of exposure before applying a protective product. This is to "open up your wood" and facilitate the impregnation of the saturator. Be careful not to wait too long, however, as the first signs of aesthetic alteration such as graying of the garapa may appear.

Afterwards, the maintenance of garapa wood decks is very easy. Simply apply a new coat of saturator, directly without sanding, when you find that your garapa wood is becoming dull again.

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A garapa deck is aged when it is greyed or blackened :

  • Greying is manifested by a dull, greyish tinge on the surface of the wood. There is no black spot or black stain.

  • Blackening is manifested by multiple black marks, spots or dots on the surface of the wood. These are non-wood-eating surface moulds that can be scraped off with a fingernail.

To eliminate the greying of a garapa wood deck, we recommend the Wood Degreaser DG1055 which will remove the grey surface veil.

To eliminate blackening of garapa wood, we recommend Wood Cleaner N100 or its concentrated version the Concentrated Wood Cleaner N140. This product will thoroughly clean your deck. After applying the cleaner, if a dull tint persists, apply Wood Degreaser DG1055.

Once the greying or blackening has been removed, you can apply a saturator such as Exotic Wood Saturator SBE600. For a terrace renovation, we recommend applying two coats. The saturator protects the garapa decking from UV rays, which will help prevent greying and darkening.

Subsequently, maintenance is carried out by applying a new layer of saturator when you find your garapa terrace dull, on average every year or even every two years. Regularly maintaining your garapa terrace will avoid the need for renovation work using degreasing and cleaning products. The frequency of maintenance depends on the degree of UV and weather exposure of your garapa terrace.


Products to protect and revive a garapa terrace


Exotic Wood Saturator SBE600

Exotic Wood Saturator SBE600

Degreaser DG105

Degreaser DG105

Wood Cleaner N100

Wood Cleaner N100


Concentrated Wood Cleaner N140

Concentrated Wood Cleaner N140

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