Interior woods such as wooden kitchen and bathroom worktops are subject to daily wear and tear such as splashes of water, fatty or acidic foods, scratches and many others. We often forget to protect them or we don't know which product to use. A stain then penetrates the wood and irreparably changes its appearance. It is very difficult to remove because it becomes embedded in the wood. To avoid this misfortune, it is advisable to protect your wooden worktop. Today, there are many products available: varnishes, oils, waxes... You may be wondering which product to use to protect a wooden worktop. To help you, we will explain which product to use to protect your wooden worktop. We will explain the three-step procedure to effectively protect your wood: use a hard base for the worktop, apply a varnish to waterproof the wooden worktop and then we will finish by maintaining the wooden worktop on a daily basis. By sticking of these tips you will keep your wood as good as new.



If you have a rough wooden worktop, you need to dust it off carefully. A light sanding will produce a perfectly smooth and even surface.

If your wood is not rough, make sure that there are no traces of old finish. Depending on what has been applied in the past, you will probably need to degrease, strip or sand your wooden worktop. Dust it off thoroughly to finish.




Various protective products exist for waterproofing a wooden worktop: oils, varnishes, waxes, etc. Oils make it possible to preserve the natural feel of the wood while providing the beautiful "oiled effect" that will darken the wood. Beware, oils can be difficult to apply. Avoid using too much and wipe off the excess well so as not to risk having a sticky effect on the surface of your wooden worktop. They can take a long time to dry. In terms of maintenance, you have to apply oil regularly to pretain the protection from water and stains because oil is quickly removed with daily wiping down with a sponge and the wood is no longer waterproof. Waterproofing your wooden worktop with oil therefore takes time.

Waxes are not used to protect a wooden worktop but rather to maintain it. Wax is applied after oil, for example, to prolong the finish over time. Under no circumstances should you use wax alone on your worktop.

wooden worktop protection
Application of Matt Worktop Varnish VPT500


waterproofing wooden worktop
Application of Matt Worktop Varnish VPT500


Wooden worktop varnishes can be used to protect all kinds of worktops: solid wood worktops, solid oak worktops, laminated worktops... They can also be used to renovate an oiled or waxed wooden worktop.

Worktop varnish is the product that requires the least daily maintenance and provides the best protection against water and stains. It makes the wooden worktop waterproof, so that stains are never allowed to become ingrained, even after an overnight exposure. A simple wipe with a sponge is all it takes to remove them. It becomes resistant to water and grease stains.

Formulated without VOCs, Anova Bois' worktop varnish is a safe waterproofing agent for the user and the environment and is perfectly suitable for indoor use. From an aesthetic point of view, it is a product that preserves the natural appearance of the wood because it is completely colourless and does not alter the colour of the wood by a "wet effect" such as an oil or wax, for example, could do. Its adaptable formula allows it to penetrate well while nourishing and waterproofing the wood. It does not flake with impact.

Finally, we advise you to use worktop varnishes to protect your wood because in our opinion it is the easiest product to apply, no wiping, quick drying time, tools are rinsed with water. It is also the least expensive as it requires no maintenance. But then: how do you waterproof a wooden worktop?


Before applying a waterproof varnish, we recommend applying a hard base coat (or primer), especially if the worktop is very exposed to water and grease splashes. This is the case, for example, for a kitchen worktop with an integrated sink and/or hob. On a dining table or other types of surface, a hard base (or primer) is not essential. The hard primer is an undercoat that must be applied before the wooden worktop protector. Hard primer will not protect your wood. It will prepare your wood for varnishing. This will give the varnish better adhesion to the wood and maximise its benefits. The waterproofing of the wooden worktop is reinforced.

If you wish to protect a solid oak worktop, we recommend using Anti-Tanins Primer PAT400. Oak is a tannic wood, which means that when a product is applied, it will release tannins (chemical substances) which will produce black stains on a wooden worktop. The Anti-Tanins Primer PAT400 will block them and thus prevent the formation of these black spots.

On all other worktops, such as worktops made of beech, birch, ash, black locust, walnut, cherry, rubber, sipo or even Valchromat, we recommend using Pore Filler Primer BP400 as an undercoat. This primer hardens the wood, makes the surface homogeneous and improves the protective performance of the product you are going to apply in the next step.

waterproof wood varnish
Application of Matt Worktop Varnish VPT500
water resistance wooden worktop


After applying a hard base coat for wooden worktops, you will apply a wood varnish. You may be wondering: which varnish to choose for your wooden worktop? The choice of varnish depends on the finish you want to achieve. You should ask yourself several questions to make your choice :

  • What wood is your worktop made of? If you have a particular wood worktop such as bamboo, we recommend the Bamboo Furniture Varnish VMB500. For any other wood, the Worktop Varnish VPT500 will be the most effective.

  • Would you like a colourless or coloured finish? In fact, in addition to waterproofing the wood, varnish is a finishing product for wooden worktops. For a colourless finish, we recommend Worktop Varnish VPT500 For a coloured finish, you can use Colour Wood Varnish VBC500 . This tinted wood varnish is available in several colours: white, grey, oak, chocolate and a number of others. This coloured wood varnish brings a decorative touch to your worktop while protecting it from external damage. The coloured wood varnish combines protective and decorative properties.

  • Would you like a matt or glossy finish? Most varnishes are available in matt or glossy versions. Once you have determined what you like best, you will have no trouble finding the right varnish for your wood worktop.

You can combine the above properties and choose, for example, a colourless glossy wood varnish.

Worktop varnishes are very easy to apply: 2 or 3 waterproofing coats with a brush or roller are enough to waterproof your wooden worktop.



The maintenance of a wooden worktop is very simple because thanks to your varnish the wood will not absorb stains. So no special maintenance is required for several years. You can use a damp sponge daily. For more efficiency we advise you to use a black soap such as Liquid Black Soap SN800 with lukewarm water. It will allow you to clean your wooden worktop and not damage the applied finishing product.


Products to protect your wooden worktop


Anti-Tanins Primer PAT400

Anti-Tanins Primer PAT400


Pore Filler Primer BP400

Pore Filler Primer BP400


Bamboo Furniture Varnish VMB500

Bamboo Furniture Varnish VMB500


Worktop Varnish VPT500

Worktop Varnish VPT500


Colour Wood Varnish VBC500

Colour Wood Varnish VBC500


Liquid Black Soap SN800

Liquid Black Soap SN800

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