• Saturateur Bois Noir Ebène SNE600 -
  • Saturateur Bois Noir Ebène SNE600 -
  • Saturateur Bois Noir Ebène SNE600 -
  • Saturateur Bois Noir Ebène SNE600 -

Black Wood Saturator SNB600 - Pergolas, Cladding, Planters

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Black Wood Saturator SNB600 protects all outdoor woods (terraces, cladding, garden furniture, gates, pergolas) while staining them black. Ideal for giving a contemporary "burnt wood" look. It offers protection against UV and weathering. Available in 1, 2, 5 and 10L.

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The Wood Black Saturator SNB600 is ideal for giving a black colour to your wood while protecting it from external aggressions (UV radiation, bad weather, etc.). Black is a tint that is widely used outdoors. You can use it, for example, to create a contrast with lighter wood (garden furniture in light tones for example) or to reproduce a "burnt wood - shu sugi ban" look. The Black Wood Saturator offers a black tinted wood protection that will bring modernity to your furniture, terraces or cladding.

The Black Wood Saturator SNB600 can be applied on all types of wood (new, rough, old, exotic or local woods). This saturator acts by impregnating itself into the wood until saturation. It is a non film-forming product. Unlike a black woostain for exterior wood, it does not flake and retains the matt appearance of the wood. Although tinted black, this black wood saturator reveals the natural grain of the wood. In order to obtain a black colour, this saturator is enriched with pigments which reinforces the wood's protection against UV rays. It is very suitable for protecting outdoor wood that is strongly exposed to the sun. It requires no maintenance.

Our Black Wood Saturator is an environmentally and applicator-friendly black protection for outdoor wood. The product is non-toxic.


bénéfices saturateur salon de jardinBENEFITS

  • Wood protection in black stain

  • Suitable for all types of wood (exotic woods, local woods)

  • Reproduces the matt burnt wood look

  • Easy application

  • Maintenance without sanding

  • Impregnates the wood while nourishing it

  • Does not flake

  • Environmentally and applicator-friendly product




  • Before starting, the wood must be clean, dry, dust-free and free of traces of old finishes.

  • If there are old finishes, it will be necessary to strip, clean, or sand down to the raw wood. Dust carefully.



  • The wood saturator is ready to be used, the saturator must be stirred well before application for a better dispersion of the pigments. Do not dilute the saturator.

  • Make sure that the ambient temperature is between +10°C (50F) and +35°C (95F). Avoid using the product in rainy weather or in direct sunlight. Do not apply to wood that is mouldy.

  • Apply the saturator in the direction of the wood grain using a brush, spalter or roller (short bristles), in 1 regular and fine coat. If the wood is very absorbent, it will be necessary to apply a 2nd coat after a minimum of 2 hours of drying, avoid exceeding 24 hours of drying. You can also apply a second coat to intensify the black tint. 



  • Allow to dry. Wait at least 24 hours before putting the terrace back into use.

  • Take a few precautions during the first few days.


Précautions Saturateur Noir Precautions after application of the saturator

It is important to take a few precautions during the first few days :

  • Do not cover the wood

  • Do not move heavy garden furniture on a terrace.

  • Do not use impregnated textiles to remove dust from garden furniture.



  • We recommend that you first test the black stained wood saturator on a fall or an inconspicuous area to appreciate the final result.

  • On new autoclave wood, the salt build-up must be brushed off. Also brush the resin resurgence of softwoods before using the saturator.

  • Douglas fir wood has a surface state that is often "glazed" at the factory exit which can prevent the saturation from penetrating the wood and thus limit its protective qualities. To maintain new Douglas fir wood, you must wait at least three weeks of exposure before treatment to allow the saturator to penetrate properly. If you cannot wait that long, you can brush the wood with hot water using a black soap such as Liquid Black Soap SN800




  • Take care of your wood as soon as its colour lightens and dulls under the action of the weather and the sun's UV radiation.

  • Simply apply a new coat of Black Wood Saturator SNB600 to your previously cleaned wood. Maintenance without sanding.

Renovate your wood

  • After lightly sanding the surface, apply Black Wood Saturator SNB600 in one coat on the most highly surfaces.



Application support
All supports
Types of wood
All kinds
Available Colours
Number of coats
1 to 2 coats
10 to 15 m²/L per coat
Drying time
12 hours
Necessary Tools
Spalter, Brush, Sprayer
Cleaning of tools
Product Composition
Hybrid alkyd acrylic resin in aqueous phase
Useful for...
Saturate and protect the wood, Protect from humidity, Protect from UV rays
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FT Saturateur Noir Bois SNB600

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