Wood tints

Decorate or stain your wood as you see fit. Our coloured products will easily be applied to your furniture, parquet floors, stairs, garden furniture, gates or other indoor or outdoor wooden surfaces. Be inspired by our wide choice of trendy and original colours to brighten up your interior and exterior woods. A colour chart can be consulted on each product. Customising, staining and decorating a wooden surface with new colours can give it a new lease of life and brighten up a room. This category includes all the products that can colour a wood but also protect it. In fact, decorative colours simply colour the surface, without protecting it. While varnishes, stains and colour saturators allow you to tint AND protect.


There are two solutions: tint the wood without protecting it or tint the wood and protect it. We offer 3 types of products in our range for staining interior wood: Parquet & Furniture Tint TPM900, Colour Wood Varnish VBC500 and Interior Wainscot Wood Stain LL500.

Of these 3 products, only the Parquet & Furniture Tint TPM900 does not protect the surface. It is a water-based wood stain. However, it can be combined with a colourless finishing product such as Furniture Varnish VM500, Parquet Glazer VP500 or Beam And Carpentry Wood Stain LPC500, which will provide the necessary protection to preserve the colour and the substrate.

Colour Wood Varnish VBC500 and Interior Wainscot Wood Stain LL500 offer effective protection against scratches, water and stains in addition to tint.

These 3 products can be applied on all interior woods such as parquet floors, furniture, worktops, stairs, chairs,...You are free to use them as you wish to give colour to your interior.

wood tint


exterior wood tint

Our product range includes saturators in various shades in classic wood tones. You will find Ipé, Teak, Natural Wood, Light Oak, Dark Oak or Autoclave Wood among our saturators. Our saturators are also available in a colourless version, without any pigments, so that the original colour of the wood is preserved and not altered. These products offer the possibility to protect and stain your exterior wood.

If you wish to give a grey or aged look to the wood, we advise you to use the Grey Saturator SGA600, which can be applied to all exterior wooden surfaces.


For the Parquet & Furniture Tint TPM900, it is strongly recommended to apply it before using a finishing product.

Here again, the application method is very simple. On clean, dry and dust-free wood, apply the wood stain or stain finish with a cloth or a brush. Allow to dry before applying an additional coat if necessary.

An important point to bear in mind when applying stains is that the final colour of the wood substrate will intensify as layers of stain are applied. It is therefore recommended that a trial application be carried out beforehand to ensure the final result.

Our technical data sheets for each product are there to explain in detail how to apply it. You will find them on each of our product pages.

If you would like to know how to give your wooden furniture a new look by applying a suitable colour, we advise you to consult our guide : How to relook and customise a wooden piece of furniture ?

Comment appliquer une teinte
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